I'm Lacey, I'm 18(: I
live in the U.S. I love
reading, writing,
playing volleyball,
swimming and I'm
an artist. I'm a movie
freak, and I want to travel.everywhere.
Buddhism is >not<
a religion, it's a way
of life. We're here to
live our lives harming
none! Learn from every
lesson, and keep
moving forward.(:

What the fuck are you waiting for: Ask Me something.

Twitter: @ThisIsLacey_
IG: thisislacey_ (lacey martin)
Be Happy ☼




yes hello 911 i’m being forced into adulthood and i don’t like it send help

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Anonymous asked: What's the best advice you can give a highschooler? Xx


  • no one cares as much as you think they do
  • practically all the people will not matter to you in a handful of years
  • do your goddamn homework omfg please
  • bring a snack so your tummy doesnt rumble
  • get gel pens
  • if you have boobs, try going braless sometime 
  • wear what makes you feel good
  • if youre assigned a worksheet, look on the bottom where it says the company and shit and google the answer key
  • forget the inane and superficial shit like cliques and reputation 
  • dont worry about what people think about you, YOU view on yourself is all that matters, not people that are sooo impermanent
  • respect your teacher (unless ya know for obvious reasons, but not bc you think theyre rude of give you homework like damn)
  • smile at people in the halls
  • test the waters and try something new
  • do as much extra curriculum and clubs as you can 
  • take a personal day every once in a while
  • bombing one test isnt a biggie
  • yahoo answers is the bomb diggity
  • make conversation with people who are by themselves
  • we are young and sooo many of the shit we worry about now ownt matter in a short amount of time (-:
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